Albums of my favourite photoshoots in Budapest 

Last four years I took more then 500 photoshoots, but I would like to show my favourite stories on the best places

If you are looking for Budapest photographer, please check my works and write me on WhatsApp/email/instagram

Karina and Igor Kharatin
Poppy flowers and smoke
Rancho fashion
Irina and Oscar
Couples photoshoot
Fishermans Bastion fashion
Lavender photoshoot
Liberty Bridge
Igor and Vika in Varosliget
Smoke bomb photoshoot
Anna from Vienna
Autumn family photoshoot
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Proposal in Budapest with beautiful view and romantic atmosphere

How to organize proposal you can read here

Fishermans Bastion proposal
Night Budapest
Elegant yacht proposal
Secret restaurant proposal
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Bachelorette party in Budapest with amazing view and a lot of fun

Dianas bachelorette
Aliona bride
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