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Top photogenic locations for photoshoot in Budapest

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Fishermans Bastion

The best time for photoshoot in Budapest on Fishermans Bastion is around 8am. It's important to go there early because of the soft sun light and nobody will be on the background on your photos. So from 9:00 it becomes crowded and we will not be able to take photos as free as at 8 o'clock.


Photoshoot in Budapest cant be without the most famous building - Parliament!

For outfits: bright colours, for example red details will fit to colours of Parlament on the background.

Time for the photo session can be in the morning or sunset time, if you wanna catch soft and warm sun light.

St. Istvan Basilika

Very beautiful street with Basilica view, bright green trees from the sides, and good light position for morning or sunset photoshoot.

Basilica is located between Chain Bridge and Parliament, so its comfortable to move between these locations.

Also we can go up to 360 panoramic view on the Basilica rooftop.

It costs 1000 huf per person (5 eur), they have elevator.

The rooftop is open 10.00-18.00 on working days,

(Weekends and holidays working hours can be different)

For getting soft sunlight and nobody on the background I would recommend Basilica for morning photoshoot.

But for 360 panoramic photos sunset time is better.

Vajdahunyad Castle

Very romantic place of Budapest - Vajdahunyad Castle

Very good for sunset photoshoots, the light is soft and orange. But early morning there is nobody of course.

Outfit recommendation: elegant or romantic look.

Liberty Bridge

Located next to Gellert Hill

Outfits should be bright and colourful

The special thing of this bridge is its style of art nouveau(liberty style) and yellow trams passing on the bridge.


On the way to Buda castle we pass panoramic views and elegant architecture.


Varkert Bazar is a beautiful garden in romantic style with nice atmosphere

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