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How to plan your wedding in Budapest

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Let me introduce you the quick guide how to plan your wedding day!

First step is to understand the style of your wedding and find the right venue.

When we planed our own wedding, I imagined our ceremony next to the sea(not in a forest, not in a wedding office, and not in just a restaurant). So we started checking venues only next to the sea, found a few restaurants and went to check opportunities there.

So first of all check wedding pictures on internet, understand which style you like and then start searching with those criteria.

If you organise a wedding in Budapest, then probably you would like to have venues with the nice view. This is the small list of venues with nice Budapest views



Fishermans Bastion

Panorama restaurant at Gellert

Sky Bar


In the mean time you should work on your documents and be sure your wedding officer is able to provide the ceremony outside of the registration office.

Otherwise you can do a simple ceremony in the registration office and then beautiful "rings ceremony" in the restaurant with Budapest view.

The next step is to find a ceremony master, photographer and videographer

Ask your friends if they know a ceremony master or you can ask local englishspeaking group.

I can suggest you ceremony master I worked with many times in the past.

Valeriy speaks English, Russian and has Hungarian ceremony partner for bilingual weddings.

He has 10 years experience and usually he is quite booked because his program has a lot of fun activities and nice emotional speeches.

As a wedding photographer in Budapest I would offer you to check our portfolio

If you need wedding photographer and videographer, then I work together with my husband. He as photographer and me as videographer.

If you also plan to add styled wedding decorations, then I can also suggest unique decor

They work with different styles and very helpful with different requests

Now you are done with the most important steps and booked everything inquiries early booking.

From now you have time to search for a wedding dress and suit.

For the wedding dress I had an experience to work with Bridal box.

They have stylish modern dress designs so you can try examples and order your personal wedding dress. Some options you can by right there or for some options you have to order and they will arrive in 2-4 month.

I saw that dresses myself and really liked all of them!

Makeup artist and hair stylist are better to select from recommendation as well.

If your friends don’t know professional wedding stylists, then you can check

Rimma and Lena and Julia

Cake for your wedding in Budapest

Anna Tsoy

Now you can search for rings.

I will tell you a nice idea: you don’t have to buy them in your city, just travel to a special place and buy your wedding rings from there. Imagine having your wedding rings from Paris, this is so romantic!

Wedding invitations you can send different ways. Order an actual invitations or you can create a "prewedding video" and send the link to your guests

Many couples start booking wedding venues and photographer a year before the wedding, thats why it’s s important is to book everything in time, ask for contracts and give prepayment. So you will be sure, you have everything sorted.

Don’t forget to book your wedding photographer in Budapest "Your big day weddings" team!

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